can acquire jams 100% hand made, containing pure fruit. Without preservatives, dyes, fragrances added, that have been developed only in the Canaries and only with fresh fruit from the islands.

The entire development process is absolutely craftsman, there is no automatic process, nor mechanical. The exhaustive and rigorous selection of the best fruit, the meticulous process of cooking to preserve the properties of the fruit and enhance its flavor, until the final packaging. The recipe for these delicious jams comes from an ancestral tradition incorporating new flavors such Cactus, Figs, Date, Coconut-Pineapple, Papaya, Mango-Kiwi,… The end result is a jam single, spectacular, with an unforgettable flavor and texture that will make you very difficult to re-test in a jam industry. ®. Todos los derechos reservados. 2011. | Términos y Condiciones | Politica de Privacidad |